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Tough Rhino Mud Run 2013 Photo Gallery

We want to thank Kevin J Salisbury and John Sokol for coming out to the park to take pictures. They captured so many great shots.

(Also, we had a volunteer photographer who took photos of the competitive waves and we will post a link to those pictures when we get them.)

Competitive Division Results:

The Competitive Divisions of the race were filled with talented athletes and we loved watching them compete. Here are the results of the Competitive Solo Division:

Top 3 Males:
1st: Chad Trammell – 19:48
2nd: Jacob Puzey – 21:06
3rd: Benjamin Adams – 22:33

Top 3 Females:
1st: Vanessa DeJong – 30:47
2nd: Audrie Valenzuela – 31:26
3rd: Alexis Harper – 31:30


The Competitive Team division was a lot of fun as well, with teams stacked with great athletes.Here’s those results:

1st place: Team Atlas with a team total of 1:33:35; Chad Trammell 21:10, Ryan Brown 22:58, Brian Schur 23:38, Rob Bartol 25:48

2nd place: Wrestling Warriors with a team total of 2:01:34; Matt Owens 28:56, Cody Bradshaw 30:00, Benjamin Tynan 31:21, Andrew Ashworth 31:21

3rd place: Connell Spartans with a team total of 2:40:21; Dane Riner 31:26, James Jacobs 40:26, Carter Syrie 44:14, Will Syrie 44:14